The world now has a brand-new sound!

Imagine the sounds of a vibraphone, tubular bells and singing bowls coming together in beautiful harmony, and you have the Aluphone.  A brand-new, unique percussion instrument for mallet players, percussionists and drummers.

The Aluphone ranges over an amazing wealth of sounds and tones.  If you use soft mallets to play it, you get an almost Asian, meditative sound reminiscent of Japanese temple bells.  Medium-hard mallets produce a crystal-clear sound similar to that of a vibraphone.  And if you use hard mallets, the Aluphone produces a strong, harmonic bell sound.  The instrument does not use electric or acoustic amplification, yet can still generate both very soft and very powerful sounds.

The Aluphone is available in many different versions, each of which has its own strengths within the music world’s many genres.

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