Welcome to Marching USA!
Marching USA is a team of individuals that all have one thing in common, a passion for music education.  Our team has a wide range of musical experiences including a high level of marching i.e. DCI, DCA, DCUK and military, therefore we fully understand what is required in terms of high quality, robust and reliable instruments which are well supported locally in the US with spares parts and customer service.

Marching USA is the sole importer/distributor into the US and Canada for the following products:

Premier range of marching, concert and educational range of instruments most of which we can ship next day, including a complete battery.  We also have in excess of $50,000 of Premier spare parts in our warehouse in Fort Worth, TX.

Aluphone the new and exciting range of products from Denmark is really stirring up a high level of excitement in the percussion world.  The instrument can be purchased in several configurations from individual hand bells all the way through to a 2.5 octave combination.  This instrument was used by Matrix and Gateway in WGI in 2012, and was also used by many DCI corps, including the Blue Devils, Blue Knights, Cavaliers, Madison Scouts and Santa Clara Vanguard during the 2012 season.  The instrument is also being used in the new movie Men in Black III.

Titan Field Frames, our very own range of frames designed and manufactured in Fort Worth.  Our field frames include standard designs for keyboards, speakers, synthesizers, gongs, concert bass, drum major podiums etc.  All the frames are manufactured from 1.5" carbon steel, wheels are tires can be supplied in either 8" or 10" sizes, air or 'no flats'.  We can even make to order should you have a specific requirement.  All of our frames come complete with a 3 year limited warranty.

Marching USA sells through a network of dealers, please call us to find out who your local dealer is and we will hook you up.

We hope to hear from you soon

Team Marching USA

See you in San Antonio for PASIC 2015, November 11th-14th